Mega-Catch™ Mosquito Trap Comparison Chart

SKU MCU-900 MCP-900xc MCP-900 MCA-900
Range1 150 ft 120 ft 100 ft 90 ft
Maximum Coverage1 1.5 acres2 1 acre3 .75 acre .5 acre
Universal Voltage
Detection 100-260/12V
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Internal Heat Core Yes Yes Yes Yes
Patented CO2 Gas
Attractant System
Yes Yes3 No No
UV LED Lights Yes Yes Yes Yes
UV Bulb Yes Yes No No
Animated Central Light
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Catch Method Bucket / Bag Bucket / Bag Bucket / Bag Bag
Live catches and species
Yes Yes No No
Programmable Menu Yes Yes No No
Customizable MAS (Mosquito Attracting Stimuli) Settings Yes Yes No No
Onboard Diagnostics Yes Yes No No
Self Serviceable Yes Yes Yes No
Low Voltage Extension
Cord 4
60ft 60ft 30ft 15ft5
Standard Stand6 Yes Yes Yes No6
Mosquito Lure Capable7 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fully Assembled8 Yes Yes Yes Yes
  1. Measured in optimum conditions.
  2. Coverage area and capture rates will increase by up 300-400% when using optional C02 gas system.
  3. Upgradeable to ULTRA trap specifications with C02 upgrade kit. This makes the XC trap CO2 capable.  (Use of the CO2 gas system increases coverage area and capture rates)
  4. All traps can be used with multiple low voltage extension cords (maximum of 2) to achieve a total lead length of 120ft (except ALPHA to maximum of total extension lead length of 30ft).
  5. Extension cord (15ft) available as an optional accessory item for the ALPHA.
  6. All traps can be used with Trap Stand (supplied with ULTRA and PREMIER XC and PREMIER, optional accessory for the ALPHA).
  7. All traps can be used with attractants.
  8. All traps come fully assembled - the only assembly required is for the Standard Stand.