About Us

EnviroSafe Technologies developed one of the first environmentally friendly mosquito traps to help combat what many regard as one of the most significant global health threats of the 21st century - mosquito borne diseases.

In August 2000, the end product of that development work was unveiled: the Mega-Catch™ Mosquito Trap. After extensive testing by the United States Department of Agriculture, in April 2002, two models, the Premier and Ultra Traps were released into worldwide markets, followed in 2006 by the Alpha Mosquito Trap. Innovative technology has continually positioned Mega-Catch™ as one of the leading mosquito trap brands on the market, and in May 2011, the Next Generation Pro 900 Series Mosquito Traps were released. Consisting of four new and improved models; the Pro 900 Ultra, Premier XC, Premier and Alpha Traps represent a dramatic increase in Trap capabilities.

The green trend continues to be a driving force around the world from retail to manufacturing while the worldwide backlash against the use of harmful pesticides continues to grow. When it comes to mosquito control, Mega-Catch’s™ high-tech, eco-friendly approach to mosquito control has struck a cord with consumers who care more than ever about green industry and want products that have better environmental and health attributes.

Over the past decade thousands of Mega-Catch™ Mosquito Traps have been sold in North America and elsewhere in the world, with the result that Mega-Catch™ is now a recognized and trusted brand in the mosquito trap market. Our U.S. warehouse and fulfillment center is equipped to ship all domestic and international orders:

U.S.A Warehousing & Fulfillment:
Worldwide Boulevard
KY, 41048

Enirosafe Technologies N.Z. is a New Zealand registered company and for all inquiries regarding the appointment of new distributors should be directed to our Head Office:

Envirosafe Technologies N.Z. Limited
P O Box 58922
Botany 2163
New Zealand

Tel: +64 218 336 53
Email: info@megacatch.com