Media Reviews

“I’ve tried other products in between that people have talked me into and this is the only one that absolutely did the job.” Joan Fox, Insect Warrior.

Best Mosquito Traps for Your Yard
Mother Earth News - July, 2014

A Bite Free Summer - The Nuclear Option
Wall Street Journal - May, 2012

Mega-Catch™ Mosquito Traps and NZ All Stars Bring It On In Florida
PRWeb - Apr, 2009

Mega-Catch™ Premier Mosquito Trap Review
Gadget's Airstream Chronicles - Jun, 2005

Mega-Catch™ to get rid of mosquitoes
The Sarawak Tribune - Jun 19, 2004

A Better Mosquito Trap
The Economist April 19 2001, USA

Mosquito Trap Zaps 1,200 In One Night
The Straits Times March 21 2001, Singapore

New Trap Gets Rid of Mosquitoes, Safe for Kids
Project Eyeball March 15 2001, Singapore

Emitting Body Heat and Carbon Dioxide Lure Mosquito. New innovative Mosquito Trap do not "accidentally kills" insects.
The Malaysia Times March 15 2001