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Fantastic customer service. I read about that in reviews, and that helped with our decision to buy. The unit works extremely well, and has largely eliminated a major mosquito problem in our yard.

Love my Mega Catch. There is nothing that controls no see ums in my SW Florida lanai except your systems.

I put in the CO2 cylinder…..it definitely makes a big difference and is now getting the tiger mosquitoes. Awesome product. THANKS AGAIN.

I am in Virginia US. I have the Ultra model. I don't even run the CO2 unless the mosquitoes are bad...and I generally don't remember there are mosquitoes around my yard (1/3 acre). I go to friends houses and we sit there swatting at mosquitoes and I think, what is with all the mosquitoes? Then I remember that I have the Mega-Catch! It sure does work.

I love this machine (Premier). We had only one mosquito get through. We just built a 600 Sq.Ft. deck with a shaded back yard and can enjoy it with no bugs. With the Zika virus you should really market these machines. This new one is quite the upgrade from what we had before.

I am very grateful to your folks for repeatedly being so helpful when we are servicing our machine. I know the twenty five bucks isn't the reason you do it. It's really great, knowing you guys are there when we need you, even if you are halfway around the world.

Just want to thank you and the company for the great service. The reduction in the biting flies is beyond our best hopes. I will buy a second unit sometime next year.

We purchased the Mega-Catch Ultra w/CO2 kit 3 weeks ago and the results are amazing. We live in Northern MN and this year has been the worse we’ve ever seen for Mosquitoes. It’s the end of June and we still have standing water all around us due to all the rain. The mosquitoes were so bad we couldn’t go outside without a suit of armor and lots of bug repellent. We emptied our wet trap bucket after 3 days and had what looked like 300-500 mosquitoes in it. Since then we’ve been moving the unit around our yard and emptying it every 3 days with the same results. To sum it up, now we can now and trim our yard without bug spray! Great product, well worth the investment and well built!.

We conducted our performance evaluation of a spatial mosquito control device using about a dozen Mega-Catch 800 and 900 traps. The traps served as stand-ins for people. They attracted mosquitoes by the thousands, and caught them so we could then tally their numbers. The large catches, trap reliability and ease of use, plus great support from Mega-Catch, make Mega-Catch Ultra the best system for conducting our research.

field test
Scott P. Carroll, Ph.D.

We were quite apprehensive about spending so much money on what we perceived as a gamble, but the ULTRA has proven to be worth every cent of its price. We have a 1.4 acre lot on a river in the Florida panhandle and we have almost zero mosquito activity, and the 6 week period of high yellow fly activity was severely curtailed by your product. We couldn't be happier with our purchase".

Mega-Catch was recommended by my brother. I was leery due to the price as compared to other options, but it has been hands down the perfect solution. We live on 6 acres, mostly wooded. I run the Mega-Catch from April to October and locate it near the pool pump, facing into the woods towards the wetland behind our house.

Enjoying our outside space is important, and Mega-Catch lets us do that worry free. I don't have to lather my 3 year old daughter in bug sprays and other harmful products. Mega-Catch sits in the woods on it's stand and works to keep the bugs away. Thanks.

Thanks for the great service. The parts fixed the problem and also thanks for the extension which I didn't realize I did not originally receive. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Many companies could learn from your impeccable customer service.

You have a loyal customer in me who will advocate and recommend you and your products. Your product's architecture and design priorities AND service are significantly better than Mosquito Magnet.

Re the Mega-Catch I particularly like the DC-power design to simplify the electrical issues (vs catalyzing propane complexities) and the direct CO2 feed (again, vs internally-messy propane breakdown). And I love your responsiveness and details and attitude and results when a support issue arises.

We purchased the Mega-Catch Ultra w/CO2 kit 3 weeks ago and the results are amazing. We live in Northern MN and this year has been the worst we've ever seen for Mosquitoes. It's the end of June and we still have standing water all around us due to all the rain. The mosquitoes were so bad we couldn't go outside without a suit of armor and lots of bug repellent. We emptied our wet trap bucket after 3 days and had what looked like 300-500 mosquitoes in it. Since then we've been moving the unit around our yard and emptying it every 3 days with the same results. To sum it up, now we can mow and trim our yard without bug spray! Great product, well worth the investment and well built!

Wow! I have had the Mega-Catch Ultra for about a month now. I live right on a swamp in a residential area and I had so many mosquitoes this morning I think the gator was checking it out! Other than the slight cold snap we had a couple of weeks ago the wet catch has been saturated with mostly mosquitoes and some moths etc. every morning. I mean it's a thick soup of mosquitoes just like the picture at the top of the testimonials page.

mosquito soup

Quite frankly I discounted your claims for the Ultra [Pro 900 Series], but the mosquitoes in Southern New Jersey have become increasingly problematic and the new Tiger mosquitoes are horrible, so I was desperate.

I ran the unit for two days without CO2. Amazingly, it was actually catching mosquitoes. Then I added CO2. After two days I had to empty the water trap. The pile of dead mosquitoes had almost reached to surface. I could not believe what I was seeing. Better yet, a lot of the deceased were tiger mosquitoes.

After running the trap for less than a week, I can go outside without slathering myself in DEET. Thank you. You have done a great job in developing this unit. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

I had to write you guys!!! This trap is amazing!! I have The Premier Pro 900, it's been working now for about 24 hrs and it's constantly covered with Mosquitos!! I can't believe it!! It worked right away...Curiousity got the best of me and I checked the catch bowl this morning and it had at least 200 skeeters in it!! Wow!! already!!! finally a gadget that actually works as described. I'm so happy with it. I live in Northern N.H. and it ate up quite a few black flies as well..in it's first 24 hrs!! can't wait for it to be running for a few weeks so it will really put a dent in the Blood-sucking beasts! Great Product, Easy set up, very quiet,and I watched them hover around it and get sucked right in!! Very gratifying to see them meet their demise!! Thank You

We love our Alpha. We put it on the patio which is located about 200 yards from a ravine [mosquito central]. Living on the windward side of Oahu where it is already wet, the ravine made outside access almost impossible. Now, with the Alpha, our Patio is, for the moment, the lone exception of used backyards. I say so far because I have given your website information to at least two of my neighbors. Thanks again for taking care of us.

For the past four years I had purchased a SkeeterVac but no matter what I did, the SkeeterVac did not work the following season. This year I purchased the Premier XC because I was tired of replacing the SkeeterVac and the requisite propane. Last Saturday morning I was laying sod in my yard. Even with a repellant applied, I had 10 or more mosquitoes around me. I saw the FedEx guy bring the XC so I decided to take a break and get the unit set up. I read everything fairly quickly but did notice the statement that I should not expect instant results. I got everything assembled and decided to go with the wet method. I used 3 or 4 drops of Dawn and 3 or 4 teaspoons of some juice. I live on a lake and I set up the unit under a deck that I built. The deck is on a slope that puts the ground 8-12 feet off the ground. I turned the unit on and went back to laying sod. Get this, I only had 1 mosquito nag me. From 10 or more to 1 with the unit first being turned on! I did as directed and did not include any of the attractants. My neighbors walked by and wondered why was I not fighting mosquitoes and I told that that I just set up your trap. Even though the instructions say not to expect immediate results, I did indeed get immediate results and I am glad since the mosquito population in South Georgia is really large. I just hope I won't have to replace it annually like the SkeeterVac which by the way was not very effective even when it did operate. Thanks.

We live in Georgetown Maine. It has a very bad reputation for mosquitoes. After purchasing three mosquito magnets, which always needed to be repaired, we finally threw them out and bought a Mega-catch [PREMIER XC]. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it is to be able to work in the garden again and enjoy the outdoors. We recently purchased a small cottage nearby and will get a mega-catch for that property as well. Highly recommended!!

We moved from Florida to Arlington Texas last year and brought our 6 year old Mega Catch [ULTRA] with us. It is still running dependably 24 hours a day, 7 days a week . There have been 7 cases of West Nile Virus here and I am very appreciative of the effectiveness of our old, weather beaten Ultra. The first week we had it running the catch cup collected allot every day. Now it takes several days to collect the same amount with a noticeable decrease in mosquito parts. So, here we are in Texas where every thing is bigger including the mosquitos.

I personally believe your product is the best on the market. I had tried 2 othermosquito trap products from other manufacturers before yours and their products do not even come close to doing the job yours does. I have since bought 2 more units 1 foreach of our daughters. I have also had 2 friends buy units due to the rave reviews I gave them. Keep up the good work and once again thanks for such good service. [Using a Mega-Catch 800 Series ULTRA]

Thank you so much for your helpful email. Your first suggestion worked and once the battery was recharged everything worked just fine. I really commend the ethos of a design that not only allows for self-servicing but actually enables and encourages it. My trap [PREMIER] of 8 years is still going strong too. Such a rare thing in the 21st century! Most impressive

We have a LOT of the Asian Tiger mosquitoes. They are out at all periods of the day and night and are very aggressive. This past summer was very bad. After less than one week using only the water container and no scent bars we found hundreds, yes hundreds in the water. The result is beyond anything we expected. Thank you for giving the outdoors back to us. We bought the MCP 800.

For years I had a bulky and difficult to use Mosquito Magnet, which was very temperamental and required CO2 and Propane changes. When it finally broke and repairs required us to send the heavy unit out of the region it was a problem because we would lose the machine and have to purchase another (nearly $349) because we needed to be insect free. I decided to try the Mega-Catch.

This machine is easy and I have not seen or been bitten by an insect in a month. Unlike our previous unit, this is light-weight, not impacted by unexpected rain, easy to move, does not make noise, and it was much cheaper to purchase and to maintain. We will throw the broken Mosquito Magnet Defender out!

My machines [PRO 900 PREMIER and MCA-600 ALPHA] are working so well. The decrease in mosquitoes in the first month has been dramatic. Thank you!!

The Mega-Catch ULTRA 900 series was well worth the investment. I've been running it regularly for about a week and it's taking care of our area's mosquito problem with no doubt. After 4 days I emptied the wet trap and there was about an inch thick of dead mosquitos and my wife and I are able to enjoy the back yard again. A+

I need to find a replacement UV Tube for a Mega Catch Model MCP400 [PREMIER]. I live in Brevard County Florida, and I love this thing! I catch thousands of mosquito's a week.

I traced the 60 ft. cord again and found that the little squirrel's had chewed a small hole in the line disrupting the current. Thanks again for the information you sent. By the way, that Mega-Catch [MCP-800 PREMIER] is the best thing I have ever bought. I have had it two years and in that time there has been no mosquitoes on my property. Before I owned it we couldn't sit outside after 9:00 P.M. Now we sit outside all hours of the night. Thanks Again.

Dear Mega-Catch, Thank you for your great product. It has given me the freedom to finally enjoy the out-of-doors without sprays & citronella burning everywhere. I am one of those people that mosquitos seek out. In a group of people I can be the only one that gets bitten. But with our Mega-Catch Premier [MCP-800] we are bug free this summer! We have owned the other brand with mosquito in its name and it didn't work for us at all. Due to all of the spring rain we feared we would have the worse mosquito season ever, but not in our backyard. Thank you, thank you!

The mosquito season has started here in the south and my Mega-Catch [Ultra] is really, REALLY a god send. I think the fan went out due to such a build-up of dead bug (mosquito debris) clogging the fan housing and the fan blades....so I will keep watch on that. But just imagine how many 10's of thousands of mosquitoes and bugs it has to kill to build up so much debris...so that alone is a testament of how good it works and how many damn mosquitoes we have (close to a swamp).

Thanks for all this excellent information. We moved the trap to several locations and finally realized that there was the largest concentration of mosquitos around our back door and placed the Mega-Catch [MCA-600 ALPHA] on a chair there. Viola' it is catching dozens of mosquitoes.

The Black Flies came out the other day but they really aren't biting yet. As I was setting up the Mega-Catch Ultra I put in a new lure, managed to leak a little CO2 and filled up the water catch basin with a mix of orange crush and water. I can attest that this combination atttracts black flies very effectively. I beat a retreat into the house.

You will be pleased to know that I received the Mega-Catch [Premier] within a few days of placing the order. I was not expecting to receive it so quickly! the Mega-Catch was well packaged and received in perfect condition. I would also like to note the great communication I received throughout the order proces. E-mails arrived regularly updating me on the order process. I have yet to test the Mega-Catch as we currently have 100cm of snow on the ground. Thanks for the effortless transaction.

My MCU800 [Ultra] is FANTASTIC! I hooked it up to my FREE CO2 tank rental from my local hydroponics store (you get the tank deposit back at the end of the season. You only have to buy the CO2 fill-up from them) and my 145'x145' property was practically mosquito-free all summer long. I'm in Ottawa (originally from Vancouver) and guests from Vancouver freak out at the sight of a mosquito! The Ultra has been the only thing that has worked and now GREAT SERVICE on top of all that! Who could ask for anything more.

Thanks a lot. Great Service is getting harder and harder to come by. Great Service with a Great Product is truly a rarity these days.

I am writing to express my gratitude concerning a recent problem I had with my Premier Mega-Catch. Mr Michael Bremner responded quickly and efficiently to my problem and the results were exemplary. Every company purports to have great customer service. However most of my letters are addressed to executives complaining about the lack of. In this case your company stood behind its product and showed that you really are in business to satisfy your customers. I was a customer of Mosquito Magnet, and ended up selling my unit due to atrocious performance and even worse customer support. Thanks again Mr Bremner for a job well done.

Your device really does work! Without the CO2, I've been catching on average 200 mosquitoes per night here in Apopka, Florida. With the Ultra running on the highest, and most effective setting 5, it catches between 800 to 1200 mosquitoes per night.

I really appreciate how well the unit works and frequently have a laugh at the poor performance neighbors have from their less expensive “mosquito machines” that they deploy in the name of economy and then supplement with candles, sprays etc while they swat the mosquitoes!!

What happened with the Mosquito Magnet [Liberty Plus]? It is a disaster. 3 systems broken in 3 months. Incredible!!! Every 3 weeks when I changed the propane tank, the green light never was on again and after 20 minutes I had an intermitent red light indicating that the machine was not receiving an adequate amount of propane. I called technical support and they recommended me to restart many times and then change the propane tanks. I changed tanks and nothing happened. After the third Mosquito Magnet and many visits to Home Depot, I decided to get rid of the Magnet, a system that is very good trapping mosquitos, but apparently a technical disaster. I researched the internet and found many adverse opinions about mosquito magnet and good opinions about your system that honestly appears superior. The ULTRA is working well. And the CO2 lasts 4 months, not 3 weeks as the propane required for the Mosquito Magnet. Thanks very much.

The PREMIER works perfectly. Thanks for your very impressive customer support, we need more dedicated and professional people like you in the business world. I will definitely promote your products and outstanding customer service to family, friends and more. Here in Moonbeam, Ontario, Canada, the mosquito population is unbelievably high, and I am sure many others will be interested in your great products.

I purchased a Mega-Catch ALPHA trap and I had only run it for a few days when I took the catch bag off and it was a 1/3 full of bugs. Pretty good I'd say.

Thank you very much Mike for this excellent customer service. Before I tried the Mega-Catch Premier, I had tried the Mosquito Magnet and was very unhappy with the customer service I had received when simply calling up with some questions regarding the unit!

All has been going well with the Ultra mosquito trap. It's done a phenomenal job in controlling the mosquito population in my yard.

The machine [ULTRA] seems to be eliminating most of them as there are very few bugs annoying us. Anytime I have been close to the machine when it is running, I have noticed there are bugs swarming the machine at the site and when I empty the trap there has been a fair amount of bugs in the container, how many I am not sure, as I am really not into trying to count them. The site of the trap is at the extent of the 60 ft cord from the electrical outlet on our house, which is approximately where the treeline begins on our 2.75 acre lot. The site has worked well for us as it has kept the machine shaded for most part as recommended in the operation manual and at a spot closest to the source of the bugs. We are running the trap at setting #3 from 6am to 9am and then 6pm to 10 pm with the liquid catch container. Obviously, the more bugs, the more the machine is challenged but right now we are quite happy with the results and the bug situation. We also understand that when the bug population does increase the machine will not eliminate completely, but we are fairly confident that it will definitely help decrease the bug population to a level where we can be comfortable outside.

Great customer service! And, a lot less mosquito bites this season!

Wow what amazing customer service! Your company obviously understands the importance of customer service and the impact it has on maintaining and sustaining customers. I appreciate the promptness of the response and the attention towards getting our unit up and running again. You are creating customer loyalty with me and my family and I will be sure to tell my neighbors about this experience.

We have to tell you that you have provided absolutely the best Customer Care response we've received on any product problems in the past decade!

Thank you very much, you have been great to work with. The system is awesome, you could definately tell when the CO2 ran out because the bugs would come back, but when it was running i did not see any. Thank you again for the great customer service and i will continue to recommend the system to my friends.

Catch and we could not be happier. I actually look forward to emptying the bowl every Saturday watching all of those mosquitoes wash down the drain. I would guess we get an easy 100 in each unit every week. Just imagine what we are doing for the environment! We are now able to enjoy our deck and pool without being harassed at all. Your product and customer service is the best.

It [ALPHA] works pretty good and we get a lot of mosquitos since we have a several large shade trees and bushes where the bugs like to hang out. But the last couple of of summers have been very dry, this year we are having a lot of rain and the mosquitos are loving it. I will be ordering another machine. Thanks again

The trap [PREMIER] itself works very well and using the chemical strip caught over a third of a bag in 48 hours.

It’s not very often that we consumers run into a company whose customer service is equal to or better than the product they sell, however in your case you have exceeded any expectations I could have. For your info I have owned a Mosquito Magnet Liberty for 6 or 7 years. It performed quite well the first 2 years then the catch declined although the mosquito population increased. Finally this spring the unit failed. This made me look to other manufacturers and their designs, and I found Mega-Catch. I simply thought your system of using CO2 cylinders a much better approach than burning propane. Any combustion system involves maintenance but Mosquito Magnet doesn’t have any owner serviceable parts. You include comprehensive directions on how to literally service the entire unit. That’s a huge benefit. I live in a heavily wooded area of ponds, brooks and wetland, as well as I live a ½ mile from the ocean so I get every conceivable biting insect New England has to offer. Early this spring with the Mosquito Magnet running I couldn’t go outside after dusk. Now with the Mega Catch Ultra our yard is our own again. I would suggest anyone considering this product to seriously look at the Ultra. The CO2 is proven (in my backyard) to attract mosquitoes, however even this past week without the use of CO2 I still caught a significant number of mosquitoes, horse flies, and noseeums. I hope the durability is equal to performance of both the product and the customer service. Thanks again.

The [ULTRA] trap has been very effective and we are very pleased with the results as it seems to have reduced our mosquito population considerably.

In all the years of owning the systems, the Mega-Catch [ULTRA] has always out-performed the Mosquito Magnet by at least 5-to-1 in catching mosquitoes and other pests. I would say that number is higher, but nobody would believe me. Just the other day, my wife came back from a friends house in our neighborhood. She counted 14 mosquito bites on her legs alone. Her exact words were "I felt like I was being eaten alive". This never happens at our home, and we have a mosquito breeding creek that runs through our yard! Now, I know no system is fool-proof and being bitten on occasion is to be expected; fortunately for us, we don't have any evidence that shows this to be true.

Regarding the Mosquito Magnet, I've actually owned two of them. Their biggest achilles heel is in their reliability. They *may* work for an entire season and that is all. You'll be fighting to get it to run reliably. I love the fact that the Mega-Catch is serviceable, so I'll always be able to fix it should something happen. That can't be said about the Mosquito Magnet. It has since been retired. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

Thank you again for what you did for me. I'm really looking forward to having the ALPHA sitting close to the door again. This summer the mosquitoes have been really bad with all the rain we're having and the high humidity. I can answer some of your questions, but I really don't know what kind of mosquitoes we have around here. It seems like the same kind we have always had. I never looked inside the bag to have a good look at them. Just thankful they were in the bag rather then in the house.

We usually run the trap between the the hours of 6 p.m. to 10 a.m. unless it's rainning. The mosquitoes usually don't bother us during the day unless it is gray and humid, then we leave it on. Our patio is just off the sliding doors, and our patio table is about 5 feet from the the doors, and that's where we have the trap standing, and our woods is about 30 feet from the table. Again, thank you.

We live facing a public park/woods, and about 100 feet or more into the woods is a swamp (unseen). We bought the house in March 2005. That was the only year when, part of the time, we could sit on the deck that faces the woods. We bought the Mega Catch machines [PREMIER] about 2 1/2 years ago. The first year, we put them out too late. The next year, We put them out early and the machines were never disconnected or maintained in any way for the next year and a half. Finally this past week I went down and got both machines (it's down in a wooded valley which, in the past, was over run by mosquitoes). One machine had been unplugged -- perhaps by a passerby. The other was still going strong, 24 hours a day. The unplugged one had 1 inch of bugs and the other one was full, even though the skirts had blown off of both machines. The machine that was still plugged in and working is, to me, the whole reason that this year, for the first time, we've been able to sit on our deck and enjoy the woods, even on hot, humid August days!!! I plan to just leave them down there till next year -- they seem to do the job, even with little or no bait! I'm trying to tell everybody in our neighborhood, because the rest of them are still having problems!

I can tell you with certainty, the Mega-Catch trap [PREMIER] is MUCH more effective in catching mosquitoes than my old American Biophysics Liberty Plus unit. Same trap placement location is yielding a greater amount of mosquitoes over a 1 month period. You can simply look at the dry net and I know very well what I used to get in summer months with the liberty plus versus the PREMIER. I had the liberty plus for approximately 5 years so you learn what to expect. With the PREMIER I was surprised to see the bag so full... Even ruling out other insects, flys etc, it is very efficient, and that is with no propane!! Thank you again for your help

I own two Premiers. I've used the wet catch method + Octenol with the traps. I had trouble attracting more moths than anything else at first so took out the UV bulbs. Tried the net, then the wet catch method which seemed to work better. I'm going to try the net again this summer for a while as I found I kept forgetting to refill the container with liquid.

In the past I had used two Mosquito Magnets and actually still have one model that still functions well, although using the propane tank is a pain and gets expensive. We live on a property that is 30 acres so I'll use whatever I have. When the Liberty dies I'll get another Mega-Catch. The more expensive Magnet died after two years of use which was very upsetting, as it was quite expensive. I greatly appreciate the customer service and will certainly recommend your product to others.

We were very happy with the quick delivery. The build quality is great but most impressive of all is the effectiveness of the Premier at catching mosquitoes. We are seeing a dramatic improvement in the yard in two weeks. [note: using Octenol and wet catch method]

You get A+ service. Not many companies would be as supportive as you in looking after their customers. I"m BCCing a few people on this email as a way of recommending your product.

The trap has been working well for a week. I hooked up a CO2 tank and dump a thick stew of bug bodies daily.

I bought two PREMIER traps last year and they were really killers. After about 2 weeks my wife could walk to the compost pile without being mugged. Once I failed to check a trap for a couple days, and the wet basket was 3-4 inches deep in mosquitoes.I would have to say the mosquito population is down.

I have two of the Ultra Mega-Catch, I believe Model MCU400. I must comment that the performance, high construction quality, and the ease of use in working on your units are very much appreciated. We continue to strongly recommend your Mega-Catch Ultra Mosquito Trap to all that will listen.

It works great [Premier], now we can look forward to another mosquito-free summer out on our deck again. Thank you so much for your speedy service. Very much appreciated.

I have experimented with the [ALPHA] unit. I have put it in low places on a shelf, and on a chair. I foundit most effective about 5 feet up in the air, with no obstructions around. I'm in Tampa, and summers are rough. Mosquitoes would bite me while I sleep. It's hard to sleep, knowing that when I get up, I may have a bite here or there, or multiple bites. The octenol lures, increase the effectiveness 300 - 400 percent. My Alpha trap gets most of them, but I am seriously considering getting another Alpha unit for my bedroom.

The damn thing [PREMIER trap] works...lol we just purchased another one. They work so much better than the mosquito magnet ones - fix and repair every 6 months and their customer service sucks. It is so much nicer dealing with you folks. No i'm not trying to butter you up.. it's just what i have found out dealing with you folks.

You guys are amazing. I'll be sure to post great reviews all over the internet. My wife gets softball sized welts from bites so you're saving a marriage. [Using an ULTRA]