Black standard mesh catch bag for 800 and Pro 900 Series mosquito traps. Suitable for most mosquitoes and other biting insects.


The black mesh catch bag is designed to fit both the 800 and Pro 900 Series Ultra/Premier XC/Premier mosquito traps. The black standard mesh catch bag is suitable for most mosquito species, however the fine mesh (white) catch bag will be required if you are targeting smaller insets i.e. biting midges (no-see-ums).

The catch bag method requires less attention than the wet catch bucket and is recommended if the trap is going to be left unattended for any long period of time (e.g. vacation).

Trap Tips

Remove and clean the mesh catch bag – pollen, dust and dirt can prohibit airflow and prevent your trap from working efficiently.

If the catch bag is torn or damaged in any way, remove, discard and start next season with a fresh mesh bag.