Special non-visible blue/black light UV bulb for enhanced capture rates. Fits 800 Ultra/Premier and Pro 900 Series Ultra/Premier XC traps.


Mosquitoes can detect UV light from a distance of 100 ft. In field tests, traps using the Blue/Black light UV bulb caught approximately 12% more mosquitoes than those using the standard UV tube and attracted less non-target species like moths.

NB: The UV light wavelength is different to that emitted by the UV LED lights.

Trap Tips

Use of the blue/black light UV bulb should decrease the number of moths captured. However, if this is a problem the UV bulb can either be taken out (800 Series Premier) or switched off (800 & Pro 900 Series Ultra/Premier XC) by touching the UV Tube button.

Like all light bulbs, the UV bulbs do dim over time, becoming less effective and should be replaced every year.